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    A little about us…

    The Grain brand was launched in 2017, with a mission to create a nationwide true fibre network that delivers a reliable and faster low cost fibre connection.

    Grain is well known in the new-build housing sector as a partner to many of the country’s largest housebuilders, providing outstanding quality and service in bringing fibre-optic internet access to their developments. Grain works with developers in well over 100 locations across Great Britain. At the same time, Grain has already begun to roll out full fibre hyperfast broadband services to a number of towns and cities across the North of England and this programme will now accelerate across the country.

    Grain investors include Albion Capital LLP and Pinnacle Group Ltd.

    Unlike some providers, Grain builds their own dedicated fibre optic
    network with a unique cable direct to the home (FTTP), meaning
    the connection is secure and immune to interference. By incorporating
    the existing network of one of its shareholders, Grain also benefits
    from 15 years of network build.

    Today the UK sits way behind when it comes to connectivity, reliability,
    and cost. As a country, there is a long way to go to compete in today’s
    digital world. As a result, it is Grain’s mission to deliver better broadband
    and a futureproof telecoms infrastructure to homes across the UK.

    Investors Albion Capital LLP, Pinnacle Group Ltd and Solway Communications Ltd each understand the digital problem ourcustomers face today, and
    fully support Grain in their plans to deploy nationwide true fibre with
    the plan to invest over £500m to pass hundreds of thousands of homes.

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